Carissa Moore Wins 2015 Rip Curl Pro Bells

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All Photos: WSL/Cestari

Carissa Moore is charming. That’s not a cheap way of saying something positive without having to talk about her surfing — Carissa is unbelievable. For a girl, for a guy, for anyone. But Carissa is charming because they say that the third time is a charm and Miss Moore’s got herself a lovely little pattern of threes going. She won the 2015 Rip Curl Pro Bells today for her third year straight. And, lest we forget, Carissa won both the 2015 Roxy Pro Gold Coast and the 2014 Target Maui Pro so that makes three-streak in event wins. So yeah. Charming.

The waves today were very Bells-like (an opinionated piece on what Bells-like means here) and the surfing was sharp. Maybe not as sharp as Zorro’s sword, but sharp enough to cut through the gigantic overcooked potato that is Bells and that’s good enough. Carissa faced Stephanie Gilmore in a Snapper Rocks rematch and got the best of the six time champ once more. She was far and away the best surfer all event and the only question now is what comes after three?

Only Margaret River will tell. I’ve seen a lot of fours in my line of work and, rest assured, that wave is one of them.