Easter Sunday At 2014 Rip Curl Pro Bells

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All Photos: Jimmicane

Where did we leave off?
Oh, that’s right, Heat 3 of the Men’s Round 2. We swung straight back into things on Easter morning at the 2014 Rip Curl Pro Bells. Something was different though… Was it the air? Nope, still chilly. The wind? Nope, still crisp. Mitch Crews’ hair? Nope, still perfect. Oh yeah, the waves.

Iconic…or something

There’s been a whole lot of hooting and hollering on whether or not Bells should be on tour. Should a 1960s dream wave be a 2014 reality? Should we adapt and evolve to an environment more conducive to today’s progressive surfing? We dodged both of those questions today as Bells showed a face that would be sexy in both ’64 and ’14. The waves were good today. Like, really good. So were…

Glen Hall: Today marked the return of the man who broke his back at Restaurants last year. That’s right, Glen “The Irish Tickler” Hall got into the contest as an injury wildcard and took it into his own backhand to beat last week’s Margaret River champion Michel Bourez. Michel took his anger out on his board, Glen just smiled.
Adriano de Souza: There’s a story floating around about ADS. Upon arriving at Bells Beach, Adriano allegedly went in the ocean with all of his totally bitchin’ HD clothing on, surfboard nowhere in sight. There’s another story too, that he’s been sleeping on a bed of sheet metal and eating shrapnel for breakfast except I just made the second one up. Either way, Adriano crushed it and got the day’s highest heat score.
John John Florence: It’s never pretty when Tiago Pires has you on the ropes. That’s the dinghy JJF was in today, but he fought his way out of it with a last minute dagger. Those carving laybacks are his ham and cheese.
Miguel Pupo: He jigged and Will Smith was so proud. This dude’s in the Top 10 for a reason, which he exhibited in his mauling of Dion Atkinson today.
Filipe Toledo: What an animal. He drop-kicked criticism in the jaw by power surfing his way to a 15.10 heat total. We’re looking at a future title contender in this little werwolf.
Matt Wilkinson: Maybe somebody gave him a pep talk. Or maybe Fletch rubbed his shoulders in just the right way, because the Wilko we saw today was not the Wilko we’ve been seeing this year. First heat win of 2014 in a stunning fashion.
Freddy Patacchia: Fred didn’t start the fire — it was always burning, since the world’s been turning. But Fred found the fire today and won a big heat.

Easter bunnies

The end of Men’s Round 2 marked the beginning of Women’s Round 2. It wasn’t very spicy. If we were ordering Thai, it was maybe a 3 out of 10. The waves were in that weird transition period between proper low—tide Bells and frisky high-tide Rincon. There were a fleeting moments of relative glory, but nothing worth reiterating. And then came Round 3. Ohhh Round 3. It may have been the best rounds of women’s surfing ever.

Sally Fitzgibbons: What got into Sally today? She got on a heater like Slater in his prime, dropping anvils left and right. 8.67, 9.20, 8.93, 7.33, 9.17, all in one heat. Speed, power, flow and everything thing else that makes a judge sweat. If Sally finds a way to surf like that every heat, she will be your world champion.
Coco Ho: In an all Hawaiian heat, Coco beat Malia Manuel and Carissa Moore. Facny combos and 8.5s like you read about.
Tyler Wright: Ho humm. Tyler roasted her heat against Lakey Peterson and Laura Enever, oven mitts and all. She wants to ring that bell, and it would only feel right — not Wright, because that’s Tyler’s last name and it would carry little/no actual meaning as far as proper English is concerned.
Stephanie Gilmore: Miss Gilmore caught only three waves in her Round 4 heat. One was around a 6. The next an 8.27. And the final one was a 9.17. Gotta like those numbers, gotta love Steph. 5 titles and counting…

Word is that they’ll run, but our guess is as good as the ocean’s.
—Brendan Buckley