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Remember when we used to buy CD’s just because we really wanted to hear that one song? Well today at the Fiji Pro, that jam was Dane Reynold’s heat against current ratings leader (and groundbreaking floater scientist) Adriano De Souza – and it was quite the number. Yeah, Jeremy Flores beat Richardo Christie in Round 2, and yeah Kelly Slater looked good in his Round 3 heat, but haven’t we heard those tunes before? We wanted Dane, on full volume, and that’s exactly what we got.

So what happened in this anticipation-slathered heat that I so fondly speak of? Comboland – population A.D.S. How ’bout these digits?

Dane Reynolds (USA) – 18.34
Adriano De Souza (BRA) – 13.64

Now, I’m not gonna tech and talk about the depth of Dane’s bottom turn on his second scoring wave, or how Adriano could have capitalized more on a priority mistake by Reynold’s, because it would probably get boring, and I don’t have a copy of J. Turp’s eloquent surf thesaurus yet, so I won’t.

No, I’de rather like to have a moment to address Dane directly – excuse us for a minute?

Hi Dane, it’s me, your talent. I know that you’ve tried and tried to hide me, but it’s no use. Embrace me, I’m here for you. I know you don’t like to flaunt or flash our romance, but please just let the world see my face every now and again rather than hiding me at some Ventura sandbar? I’m not asking for another shot at the tour, or an industry-shattering web clip, (although I think you handled me pretty well in Sampler, I needed a cigarette after that one ;), but please just a nice outing every so often would make me, as well as the world, so, so happy.

Okay, I’m done. Contest is set to run tomorrow and we’re promised two more rounds of Reynolds in maxing Cloudbreak, so it’d be wise to tune in.

Dayton Silva Dane Reynold’s Conscious

Special thanks to Namotu Island Resort.