Jeremy Flores Wins The 2015 Billabong Pro Tahiti

Sally Fitzgibbons started #helmetfever a few weeks back at the US Open and Jeremy Flores got the bug….Photo: Corey Wilson

Jeremy Flores wasn’t here last year. His body was injury-free. He had good boards. The conditions played perfectly into his favor. But instead of surfing the event, Jeremy spent the entire contest watching the webcast — the result of a meltdown provoked suspension from an incident at the 2014 J-Bay Open. It was the perfect analogy for Jeremy’s 2014. He was absent, angry and unlucky, never making it past Round 3. Luckily, he re-qualified through the WQS. And he came into 2015 with fire.

He’s been committed and hard-working. Positive and poised. He’s kept his temper in check and his surfing on rail. He’s been a different person.

Jeremy wasn’t here last year. But now he’s on the podium, wearing a doctor-demanded helmet after a concussion that he sustained a while back, hoisting a trophy, wearing a smile.

Full story and photo gallery coming soon.