Jimmicane’s Passion Picks: 2015 Fiji Pro

Jimmicane's Passion Picks: 2015 Fiji ProJimmicane’s Passion Picks for the 2015 Fiji Pro.

I'm currently on Fiji Air flight 811. Sitting next to me is world renowned photog Ryan Miller, better known as @badboyryry. A few rows up sits Dane Reynolds, CJ Hobgood, Filipe Toledo, Miguel Pupo, Alejo Muniz and who knows who else. Bula bitches! We do this.

The Elite
Nat Young
My bure-mate from last year came up just short of his first career win. It was weird because normally people celebrate to the point of blacking out when making the final. Nat barely drank a beer. He's that serious about winning and that's why he won't leave my team. Do one better mane.
Mick Fanning
Safety pick? Possibly, but I'm on Namotu this year and I need some horses.

Maybe you should consider...

Adriano de Souza
More people are rooting against ADS than ever this year but that's life on the top. He can handle it and seriously, what condition doesn't favor this guy? Bonus stat, his 1st round heat draw is an ADS walk through.

The Grinders
Gabriel Medina
There's no fanfare on Namotu. No girls crying when they see you. No Victoria Secret models posting selfies with you. This is a good thing for Gabby. He can get back to focusing on winning heats and I'll be very surprised if he doesn't do a lot of that.
Kelly Slater
To quote T.I. "If you don't understand this you don't understand english homeboy, I'm done talkin."
Wiggoly Dantas
Got the wildcard here last year and blew a good opportunity to make his Round 2 heat, but I saw the guy out there freesurfing literally every single session battling fat photographers (myself) for 3 foot mushburgers. He means business.
Taj Burrow
Another Namotu horse in the stable. Shit's gonna get loose over there.

Maybe you should consider...
Miguel Pupo
I didn't really love his matchup in Round 1 but Miggy is silky smooth and bound to drop 8's on the reg out here. On our Lakey Peak trip he was dominating the lefts.

The Strugglers and Wildcards
Freddy P
Last December in Hawaii I parked my rental car in Freddy's driveway. I'm a dumbass and forgot to put the car in park. I'll blame it on the push to start but it was probably the beer in my hand that distracted me from a routine operating procedure. It would've done serious damage to his fence but thankfully veered downhill perfectly into a fleet of trash cans that significantly softened the blow. It sent fireworks of garbage into the air and freaked a few people out but all was good in the hood.

This has nothing to do with Fiji but I owe Freddy some new trash cans and I'll throw in a spot on Passion Picks for free cause he's the shit.
Dane Reynolds
Core Score (up): choosing to stay on Namotu.

Dane could've easily have requested the serenity of Tavarua but he didn't. He selected Namotu and there's something badass about that. Sleep is overrated. Skull Draggers are not. Plus, I'm assuming you've seen Sampler.

Maybe you should consider...
CJ Hobgood
CJ Hobgood on Fiji is like Honey Roasted BBQ sauce on a Chick-fil-A sandwich. It's as good as it gets. I didn't throw him on because I'm superstitious and it hasn't worked in recent pasts.

You should also consider Aritz Aranburu just for shits. How funny would if be if you did and he made the finals? You'd basically be Rainman. #worthit