Jimmicane’s Passion Picks for The Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Jimmicane's Passion Picks

I was thinking about canning this whole ordeal because I’ve found my passion levels to be undeniably high. They always interfere with my picks forcing me to choose who I like as people, more than who I know will grind it out and just win heats. Doesn’t make for the highest success ratio on the FASL scoreboard, but I’m here staring out our hotel room at the Disney World of surfing, the Super Bank! And I just have to pick a team. With help from my roommates, the Hobgoods, I picked a banger this time. Morale is up!

Julian Wilson
Your 2011 Rookie of the Year made Dane and Jordy look immature if you compare their hyped debuts on tour. He struggled out of the gates, but quickly picked up the slack and became a force. The first guy to come on tour in some time with a mind for competitive surfing that matches his absurd amount of talent. I’ll be disappointed if Julian isn’t
racing for the World Title come Pipeline.

Jordy Smith
There’s just no doubting his consistency and well-rounded ability in right handers. He’s pretty much a lock to make a lot of heats and be a factor to win this event. Girlfriend Lydall by his side and contract year with O’neill, there’s never been a more focused Jordy.

Josh Kerr
When you’re around watching guys surf in person you can get a real good feel for who’s on point. I get that feeling with Kerr. Been watching him demolish the shittiest waves ever. That banks out front are pretty terrible at the moment, but no one can make chicken soup out of chicken shit like Kerrzy.

Mick Fanning
Remember this guy? Didn’t have the year he wanted in 2011 and bailed on the Hawaii stint to refocus and just take a break from the everyday grind. Well, he’s still home and has been surfing out front for months. I’ll put my money on Mick at Snapper any time.

Ace Buchan
Got to have a goofy footer. Ace gets it in on his backhand. It’s like he’s got a motorboat on his tail. How do we order those motorboat tails Ace? I want one.

Kolohe Andino
It’s his first ever event on tour but he’s more prepared than 90% of the other surfers. His support staff is unrivaled. The mind matches the talent. He’s America’s Julian Wilson and my pick for Rookie of the Year (unless they allow Gabriel Medina to go for this because of the weird mid-year setup in 2011)

Matt Wilkinson
At the ASP Banquet, Kelly was voted the most entertaining surfer on tour. He took the award straight to Wilko who had his chest-haired, tramp-stamp, cross dresser date on his arm. Wilko brings the energy to comps like this. He’ll need to in these waves too. It’s gutless as can be.

Dane Reynolds
The ultimate wildcard. I don’t see him doing well because he won’t scramble around groveling anything that moves, but you never know with Dane. Had to put him on here because there’s only a couple chances to watch him on tour and I hope he puts on a show. All depends on the waves. If he gets them, it’s all over for whoever is in that heat.