Owen Wright Wins 2015 Fiji Pro

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All Photos: Jimmicane

We’ll spare you the cliche. We promise not to call him Mr. Perfect or use his last name as the homonymic opposite of wrong. We won’t even refer to him as an Avatar, but that’s simply more of a preference thing. Instead, we’ll say this: Owen Wright surfed perfectly at the 2015 Fiji Pro. And the WSL judges agreed.

Owen earned himself a perfect 20/20 heat total at Cloudbreak yesterday -- the first 10 in that heat felt like a proper 10, until he got his second 10 and reminded the world (and an overly aroused judging panel) what proper truly meant. But that’s neither here nor there nor even in Fiji. What’s important is the fact that Owen went out there again today and dittoed his 20/20 scoreline, in the final nonetheless.

That final was surfed against Julian Wilson. Julian had a whole lotta spark in his step (more so his tube riding) all event, but not in the final. In fact, he surfed that heat in a way that a drunk man surfs the streets after all the bars close -- roaming, searching, stumbling, hoping to find something exciting but instead ending up passing out with a cheeseburger oozing on his chest. That’s a 7.83 heat total for ya. Still, those 7.83 points are by no mean’s an accurate summation of Julian’s Fiji. If his Pipe Masters win last year wasn’t enough for you, here’s a proper reminder, world: Julian is a beast in big, barreling waves. And a beast who now resides in the WCT’s top 5.

Speaking of the top 5, it’s a tangle. Adriano de Souza will still be the guy wearing the yellow jersey at J-Bay and Filipe Toledo is still nibbling away at his heels, but the Title race is still accepting applications. Owen’s put himself in some form of contention with this win. Julian’s contending too, though he already collected his throwaway scores. And lest we forget, Mick Fanning is good at winning everything ever. So it’s anyone’s game, which makes it a fun one to watch. Especially when people surf like Owen did today --Brendan Buckley

Special thanks to Namotu Island Resort.