Sally Fitzgibbons Is A Honey Badger

Sally Fitzgibbons

Sally Fitzgibbons won the 2015 Women's Fiji pro in true warrior form. And by true warrior form, I mean she's got serious fight behind that big innocent smile.

In round 2 Fitz took a Cloudbreak tumble, leaving her with a punctured left eardrum. This mishap would have left most sitting out the event with a good helping of meds, but Sally wasn't going down that easy. Instead, she strapped up with some Rambo headgear and went right back into battle. And battle she did, all the way to the final, where she defeated Bianca Buitendag. It was Sally’s second consecutive win at Fiji and the victory has now bumped her up to the third spot on the Jeep leaderboard (Jeep, how 'bout that? Maybe I should say she just rock-crawled her way up the leaderboard? Shoot me.)

Fiji has proven special for the ladies, and in the event’s second year, the women made serious strides out at Cloudbreak. Maybe soon the WSL should consider giving the women a shot at Teahupo’o or Pipe. Yeah, we might see a few more punctured eardrums, but consequence has a strange way of catalyzing progression. –Dayton Silva