Shoulda Been Here A Year Ago

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All Photos: Corey Wilson

Won’t find any hyperboles here. No words like stellar, spectacular, amazing, fantastic, fabulous, fantabulous, wild, crazy, insane, nuclear, hot, sexy, sweaty, perfect or Julian Wilson. The 2015 Billabong Pro Tahiti started today and it was, uhh, pretty average. Eight heats of Round 1 ran and Aritz Aranburu got the day’s highest score — which is probably the most telling sentence you’ll read in regards to the contest today. And that’s no knock on Ritzy, it’s just that he’s not exactly the first surfer that comes to mind when you think Teahupo’o. That wave, by the way…

There it is. The best wave of the day. That, coupled the photos above, is really the only thing you really need to see from today. Unless you want to talk about Mick Fanning’s return to competition today — guy got two mid-range scores, won his heat and didn’t get bit by a shark. Call it triumphant, heroic, marvelous, unbelievable, sportsmanlike, bold or daring if you must. We’ll just call it surfing.