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All Photos: Corey Wilson

They say that you can’t choose who you love and I hate that. I hate it because today, at the 2015 Roxy Pro Gold Coast, I chose to love Silvana Lima. I watched the way that she spun and landed an air reverse that, in my sometimes not very humble opinion, should have beat Stephanie Gilmore and I melted. I saw the way that she vehemently sulked when her air reverse didn’t beat Stephanie Gilmore and I was wooed. I stared as she landed an ever better (the judges called it perfect) air reverse, beat Sally Fitzgibbons and then smiled as vehemently as she sulked and my heart became hers, forever.

Or at least until Men’s Round 2 starts up and someone in the first heat does an air that makes Silvana’s look childish and my love wanders off to one of Gabriel Medina’s fans on the beach. Hi! But for now, I truly feel like Silvana and her surfing today are worth fussing about. She doesn’t have an ass like Alana or a smile like Coco, nor does she have the financial backing that comes along with that sort of lust-heavy marketability. But boy, does she have heart. Heart and the ability to drive (in the left lane) the sport of women’s surfing to a new place. And that’s worth choosing to love.

Moving forward, the future of this event sits deep is a maze of theory and rumor. Some say the next few days will be contestable and the contest will finish with maybe not a bang, but at least a hoot and a holler and that guy on the rock playing the didgeridoo. Others say it’ll be atrocious and that they’ll have to extend the waiting period under the Fuck it, I’m in Vegas! Put it all on black! notion of a cyclone swell. Suppose only time will tell if this World Surf League likes a good gamble.