Vinaka For The Lay Days

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All Photos: Jimmicane

Nine times out of ten, CT surfers like to show up at an event, get a swell right off the bat, run the whole comp, then get the hell back to their respective homes as quickly as they came in. But not here. Not on Namotu or Tavarua. Not in a place this beautiful. Speaking of which, when do we have to leave? Can we just tack a few extra days onto the waiting period? Who cares if it’s $400 plus per day?

The waves, although not great, are currently better than almost everywhere in the world. The weather defines perfect. And all sorts of vacation-esque activities are going down — sailing, tennis, ping pong, basketball, and beer drinking to name a few. Oh, and the surf contest? Well, there’s a greater than 50% chance that the Fiji Pro will start tomorrow. Until then, enjoy this peek into the best lay days on tour.

Special thanks to Namotu Island Resort.