Third Round’s A Charm At Lowers

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Men behave erratically in the heat.W e have a hard time explaining ourselves. We are quick to anger, even quicker to sink beers into our throats like our lives depend on it. At day three of the Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles, it was hotter than hell and it showed in the un-scriptable nature that unfolded.

Controversy? Oh yeah.

Sebastien Zietz always looks like he's enjoying himself in competition and that was the case in his Round 2 matchup with Michel Bourez. From the beginning, the spontaneity and variety that Sebass brought to the clash made him a clear favorite to win. And he did, kind of.

With Beach Commentator, Dave Stanfield, counting down the end of the heat and congratulating Seabass on his "unofficial victory," Michel took off on a wave just before the horn sounder. The wave didn't come close to offering the score required and Michel’s body language was clear in saying that he was simply riding the wave to get back to shore. Seabass, who had priority, took off in front of Michel and threw a cheeky air reverse on the inside for the fans. The judges however, were unimpressed, and by merit of technicality (interference), Michel advanced into Round 3 against Filipe Toledo. It was a bizarre call that had some puzzled and others angry. However, Seabass was the opposite, taking to social media after the controversy and posting, "No use crying over spilled milk! We're already the luckiest guys on the planet".

Speaking of Filipe….

Hot, humid as hell, and with a hefty chance of a Brazilian storm, Filipe Toledo brought the thunder and lightning to his bout against Michel Bourez. While he had a less than stellar Round 1 performance and narrowly escaped Ian’s Crane in Round 2, Filipe's third go around was what you would expect out of the San Clemente transplant. Spending more time in the air than a flight attendant, the Brazilian wonder-kid coupled his airs with gluten-free wraps and other savory combos. Mmm scrumptious!

Title Dreams Flickered…

There isn't a surfer on the planet who'd bet that world number 4, Julian Wilson, would put up a point total in Round 3 that matched his ranking. But that's exactly what happened in his bout against Miguel Pupo. From the opening seconds of the heat, it was evident that Miguel Pupo wasn't going to back down to his teammate. While this heat was a bigger let down than the sequel to Caddy Shack, the title race got a bit more interesting, especially because….

Owen Wright, Mick Fanning, and Adriano De Souza advanced

Owen's walk through was compliments of Freddy P’s retirement, Mick out muscled Kolohe, and Adriano scraped past Micro. With the front runners all netting results better than a 13th, Julian will have to make up serious ground in Europe.

Lastly, who’s handing the heat?

Nat Young made Kai Otton knee board to shore in submission and Kelly Slater looked like himself against Adam Melling. While the waves are forecasted to pulse tomorrow, Hurricane Linda is all hot and bothered and tuckering out…after tomorrow, look for the men to resume in the later half of next week. —Jake Tellkamp