Opening Day At The Vans World Cup

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All Photos: Brent Bielmann

Listen. This is important. The Vans World Cup of Surfing is the last event of the 2014 WQS season. It’s the second event in the Triple Crown of Surfing, and it’s the first priority for a surf fan right now. Some, like Adam Melling, have used the event as a career-salvaging escalator. Others, like too many to name, have been defeated by Sunset when they’re this close to qualifying and forever think of the wave as that gloomy stain looming far outside the prettiest stretch of Kam Highway. And all of this happens at the Vans World Cup. You’re listening, aren’t you?

The 2014 Vans World of Surfing started today and with a bang. Bang, in this instance, means not a thunderous sound or what people who wear Sperrys call sexual intercourse when they’re in college. It means a swell chunkier than all Campbell Soup and winds that didn’t exactly beat like the heart of Mother Teresa. To describe it one word: difficult. To describe it in thirteen: some heats were slow and cumbersome, others came alive with good, brawny surfing. It was true Sunset. And while it’s still too early in the event to start discussing the sort of scenario mentioned above (love and war), it’s a perfect time to reflect on a day of surfing at the world’s most interesting wave.