A Word On The 2016 SURFING Factory

We came. We saw. We surfed. We didn’t really conquer anything — but hey, at least we got these clips?

These clips are from the first ever SURFING Factory, which occupied three very fine weeks of 2015 in Bali. Airs were stuck. Panties Edits were dropped. Bingtang cans were hollowed out and the only thing missing was the conquering.

This year, though, could be different.

We’ve decided to have another Factory. But that’s about all we’ve decided so far.

There are a few locations floating around our minds. Western Australia? Puerto Rico? Lemoore, California? A few names are soaring around our cerebral cortexes too. Noa Deane? Parker Coffin? Mikey Wright? Dave Stanfield…just kidding.

Nothing has been written in stone and to be honest, we haven’t even found a stone to write in yet. The possibilities are as endless as Craig Anderson’s dark, flowing mane. So uhh, you got any ideas?

Feel free to chime in below.