A Maverick’s Feast

All photos by Seth De Roulet

Conor Beatty

Days like this only come around a few times a decade. Massive. Consistent. Glassy all day. Monday was a big-wave feast for all the boys and girls with the appetite to paddle out. There were huge air-drops and wipeouts. Savannah Shaughnessy bagged a 20-footer. Some underground hero named Manuel Resano absolutely sent it. From dawn till dusk the crowd devoured 20 to 25 footers and returned to shore stuffed. Then, it was straight to the Old Princeton Landing to wash it down, and recall their bounty. –Taylor Paul

Phil Waldemar

Pat Shaughnessy

Matt Becker

Friendly view of a very unfriendly wave. Kealii Mamala, deep.

Threes a crowd.

Ryan Seelbach

Nic Vaughan

Jamie Mitchell, no need for coffee.

Manny Resano

Big wave surfers or daredevil conversationalists?

Practically empty, right?

Scott Bredesen

The pioneer, Jeff Clark

Nic Vaughan

Will Skudin (right) and Bianca Valenti (left)

Manny Resano

G Mac went for the floater.

Danilo Couto  and Jeff Clark

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