Corey Stories: My Time With Owen Wright

I didn’t really know Owen until this year, but we started traveling together after the Bells CT and became great friends right away. He was just one of those guys that I knew I’d get along with the first time we went on a trip together. Same age. Same interests. Same desire to go find barreling waves. Anyway, just after that event [Bells] he invited me over to his house for a swell, which was amazing, because he’s super respectful of the locals and that area and he never brings people around to shoot in that zone. I stayed with his family and met his brothers and sister and saw what his life is all about outside of surf contests. It’s totally different. So mellow. We ended up getting a cover, too [Issue 09 2015], and Owen is still showing off that photo today. [laughs] He said it’s his favorite photo of all time. From there he brought me to Tahiti, which was cool because he has so much experience at Teahupo’o and he was able to help show me where to sit and position myself out there. Then we went to Africa for a month, he came back to California and stayed with me in Newport for a bit, and then we went to Europe for another month. So yeah, we’ve been together more than we’ve been apart this year. He’s back home in Oz right now but we’ll meet back up in Hawaii next week. –Corey Wilson

A couple years ago Owen had a trainer and he kind of had Owen thinking he couldn’t have fun if he was going after a world title. That’s where his head was at. And I think he realized that really wasn’t working for him and decided to approach this year differently…

…Now, Owen travels with his friends, his sister…and this is the first year he’s really had fun doing the tour. I think he actually has the most fun of anyone on tour. It’s refreshing to be around. And it’s working. He’s still in the world title hunt this year.

There’s so many different waves in Owen’s backyard. This is one of many slabs that break way out to sea.

This is from the day he got that cover. It’s funny, when you look at his hands, he’s got these longish fingernails, and he grows them out because he claims they help him paddle faster. And I believe it. This day, he was the only one getting into these slabs early. He’s so quick. He catches waves easier than anyone I’ve watched.

This spot is at the mouth of river. Apparently it’s super sharky. I told him it felt that way while I was swimming and he’s all, “Nah. You got nothing to worry about.” Then he told me the truth when we got in.

There’s nothing Owen can’t do. He’s good at every wave in every condition and so I’m always really excited to shoot with him. I don’t think anyone is more well-rounded.

Owen is so curious about his surroundings. We were driving from France to Portugal — like 10 hours — and Owen would make us stop every hour to check out the most random shit. He’ll just pull over and wander around. He loves checking out new shit.

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