Corey Stories: Portugal Freesurfs

Kelly, Mick and a Portuguese sandbar.

So Mick Fanning and Kelly Slater walk into a bar. Actually, they paddled out to it. That bar was in Portugal. It was made out of sand and served up a hell of a barreling right hander. The Moche Rip Curl Pro was in town — hence, Mick and Kelly’s presence — and the duo desired to blow off some steam. They have fourteen World Titles between them. A lot of steam.

Our beloved Corey Wilson was with ‘em. “That day was amazing,” says he. “We’d been driving around for a while trying to figure out where to surf and everywhere looked pretty average. Then we pulled up to that bank and it was on.” Corey’s camera was on, too. He swam out, presumably looking like an ancient Greek god cross-bred with a baby seal, and shot a few photos of them.

Speaking of those photos…

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