Cylindrical Perfection Comes to Delmarva

How far would you drive to paddle out in this? Photo: Asher Nolan

What do you think of when we say east coast perfection?

North Carolina? New Jersey? New York? Let’s try Delmarva.

What, never heard of it? Delmarva is actually slang for the Mid-Atlantic triumvirate of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia — three states that hug the coast but are rarely recognized for premium surf. This is fine by the locals, who often find themselves surfing alone in waves like this…

Stevie runs for the hills. Photo: Asher Nolan.

Recognizing the possibility of pumping surf, pro-surfer-turned-Hurley-team-manager-turned-photographer Asher Nolan left his Jacksonville abode at 7 PM, picking up east coast talent Stevie Pittman along the way. Driving through the night and armed with ample coffee and the smooth sounds of Rae Sremmurd, the boys fought off the sandman with visions of tubular bliss. At daybreak they reached their destination, stumbled over the dunes, and found this.

Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday, eh Stevie? Photo: Asher Nolan

Four the next 2-4-6 hours, Stevie scoured the drifty lineup for lumps of the hollow variety. He found many and came in pleased. What better, conditions look optimal for a pit-stop in OBX tomorrow. What’s another five hours on the road? Nothing, when barrels are all but guaranteed.

Hold your rail if you’re old enough to vote. 16-year-old Stevie is relieved he gets to spend his morning in a booth of liquidity. Photo: Asher Nolan