Field Test: JS Industries’ HYFI Tech

The quiver is a surfer's most prized possession.

It is his arsenal, his motivation, his life force. It can make or break a surf trip with pumping waves, or a mediocre day at home. It is the difference between getting under the ledge and getting tossed by lip. The difference between sinking in flat spots and wafting the fins. The quiver is everything.

Jason Stevenson know this, so when his quiver got a little stale, he decided it was time to get out the drawing board. He set out to discover something new and exciting. Through countless trials, he found what he believes to be the right combination of EPS and carbon to create a fast, light, and durable surfboard that will work for just about anyone.

It’s called the HYFI, and Jason wholeheartedly believes you need one in your quiver. Our goal was to find out why.

Test Pilot: SURFING Magazine editor Dayton Silva (H. 5’7″ W. 150)
Location: Lower Trestles
Conditions: 2-4ft

Board: JS Industries HYFI Blak Box 2
Dimensions: 5'6" 19 2 1/8
Volume: 23.4
Fin Setup: FCS Kolohe Andino Thruster, Size Medium
Traction pad: Octopus Is Real, Chippa Wilson
Leash: Pro-Lite, Mitch Crews Signature
Wax: Sex Wax, 2X Extra Soft

They say: “The Blak Box 2 is one of the most versatile surfboard models in the world, this is the board that gives you the greatest chance for maximum fun and peak performance in all conditions. It's by far our most popular surfboard globally, and in HYFI, it's only getting better.”

“…Fitting right in between the dedicated grovelers and the performer series, Blak Box II has the perfect blend of strengths to make it the ideal model for HYFI's coming out party. For the widest range of people, and the widest range of waves, this is your new best friend.”

    Field Notes:

Strength: Springy, soft and tons of pop.

Surprise: Unlike other EPS board that I have ridden, the HYFI doesn't have that overly buoyant, tin-like feeling. The flex feels more similar to a PU than it does to a standard epoxy.

The cure for: A loss of pep in weak conditions. The HYFI tech is a jolt of energy when compared to riding a PU, and this is highlighted more vividly by slow or small conditions.

What else?: I'm not going to lie, I've never really been a fan of epoxies. They've always felt weird to me. Either too light, too plastic-y, too chattery etc. So when I first heard of the HYFI, old thoughts popped into my head on how I figured it would go. But just upon feeling it, I noticed a big difference in the way that it was weighted, as well as the more-forgiving feel of the materials. It felt light, but balanced. The materials felt firm, but not too rigid.

The first few times I rode it, the biggest contrast I felt (compared to to a PU) was this spring-loaded feeling that I mention in the above video. Throughout a carve, for example, you get the sense that the board is loading up as the turn progresses, and then releases this energy through the back half of the turn – leaving you more with speed coming out of maneuvers.

I did notice a bit of change in feel as the waves got bigger. The same liveliness that I felt in small waves was exaggerated, and it was challenging to tame the abundance of energy that the board had.

The HYFI is currently available in the Blak Box 2 model in stock, as well a select few other models per custom orders. See here for more info.