Finders Keepers

El Nino makes its debut on the West Coast.

We all know El Nino is a rare occasion, and that every once in a decade or so the phenomena graces the Pacific with uncharacteristic Winter conditions that translate to good waves and plenty of weather. Over the past week, the first of hopefully many Northwest storms marched it’s way down our coast and the results were a few glorious windows at spots you wouldn’t normally look. Those who searched were rewarded, and the creative minds prevailed.

Opening photo by Randy Dible

Pat Schmidt. Photo: Luke Forgay

Sean Lesh. Photo: Seth De Roulet
Killian Garland. Photo: Seth De Roulet

Kevin Shulz. Photo: Gage Hingley

Pete Devries. Canada. Photo: Marcus Paladino 

Photo: Seth De Roulet

Unidentified. Photo Seth De Roulet

Ventura. Photo: Seth De Roulet

Dane Reynolds. Photo: Seth De Roulet

Pete Mel. Photo: Dave Nelson 
John Mel. Photo: Dave Nelson

Damien Hobgood. Photo: Scotty Hammonds

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