We haven’t been very fair to Garret McNamara lately. Maybe it’s because he’s been so focused on tow surfing and Nazaré — two things that don’t exactly fit this outlet’s mold of high performance surfing. It almost felt like he existed outside of our world. We were busy contemplating new rotations, he was catching “the biggest wave ever ridden” two times a month and whipping Anderson Cooper around on a Jet Ski. Different worlds indeed.

Until this happened.

Yesterday, at Maverick’s, Garrett tried stroking into what we’re claiming is the biggest wave ever seen paddled into at Maverick’s. It’s gotta be one of the biggest waves ever paddled into period. He ended up getting smoked, and eventually in an ambulance with his arm nearly ripped out of its socket, but still. Think about pulling up, seeing waves like that and deciding to paddle out. Think about being out there and watching a wall of furious water approach you, then deciding to turn around and go. Think about the ideas whirling through his mind while the wave tortured him underwater. Think about the whole process. Insane.

We tip our caps to you G Mac. Heal up, you fearless hero.