Listen In Full: Bruce Irons Interview

Nobody plans on eating an entire family-sized bag of potato chips in one sitting. Or binge watching every last episode of the fourth season of Dexter, or meeting up with a friend for “one drink” yet spending $150 on endless rounds of appletinis into the wee hours of the night because “I don’t even care if they’re feminine, they’re just so good!”, but some things just have a way reeling us into indulgence. Recently, SURFING sat down with one of the sport’s most emulated styles, Mr. Bruce Irons. If you picked up our most recent magazine, you’ve seen the interview with Bruce regarding style, accompanied by some amazing images spanning the lengths of his career. Here, we have said interview in its rawest form – all forty one minutes of it. And the photos? Go ahead, have a scroll, they’re all there. So dive in for a listen – stay for a minute, or all forty one. It’s a lot healthier than potato chips, far more interesting than Dexter, and definitely won’t make you puke green for a good day-and-a-half while questioning your existence. –Dayton Silva

Bruce Irons Podcast by Surfing Magazine on Mixcloud

bruce layback_1Photo: Tom Carey

brian bielmann8Photo: Brian Bielmann

Pascuales, Mexico. Photo: Scott SerfasPhoto: Scott Serfas

Teahupoo. Photo: Brian BielmannPhoto: Brent Bielmann

Off The Wall, Hawaii. Photo: DJ StruntzPhoto: DJ Struntz

Indonesia. Photo: RussiPhoto: Russi

Pipeline. Photo: Brian BielmannPhoto: Brian Bielmann

Pipeline. Photo: HankPhoto: Hank

Cloudbreak. Photo: Brian BielmannPhoto: Brian Bielmann

Waimea shorebreak. Photo: Tom CareyPhoto: Tom Carey