The buzz still hasn’t worn off from last weekend. Not the literal, alcohol-induced one (although it wouldn’t come as a surprise judging by the size of our bar tab), but the spiritual one. The smiles haven’t worn off.

The occasion at fault? SURFING and Jack Freestone’s Low Profile premiere – a night long celebration over the heartfelt snapshot of life and surfing you see above. Hundreds upon hundreds of patrons from all over the surf world and beyond joined us at Huntington Beach’s newest hotspot, The Bungalow, and dove head first into an unforgettably joyous evening.

The climax of the night was, of course, the showing itself. Twenty minutes of genuinely amazing surfing by Jack himself, as well as good friends Mitch Coleborn, Mitch Crews, and Tai Graham all woven together with grade-A sounds and scenery.

But don’t fret if you missed it. That’s why you’re here now and all the more reason why your attention, from this point forward, should be directed at that box just north of this text. So turn out the lights, turn up the volume, hell, crack a cold one if you’re feeling festive, and most importantly, enjoy.