Mason Ho’s First Time To Teahupo’o

As told by SURFING staff photographer Corey Wilson

All photos Corey Wilson

“We weren’t even on a trip; it was like a day-long layover in Tahiti, and Mason had NO boards that would’ve worked out there. All his boards were too tiny and for more rippable waves and the swell was supposed to be big. So he was kinda stressing, looking for something to ride out there, calling guys to try and organize boards, trying almost all night. In the end, Jadson Andre ended up having a board for him that we found in the garage where we were staying. It was like a 6’8,” which was actually too big of a board for Mason, but he made it work.

So we zip out there in the boat and there were a couple tow-waves coming through. Guys were paddling, on the verge of towing. It was cloudy and big, but more of a perfect-scary, if that makes sense, really south and breaking in the same spot every time, for the most part. We pulled up and were sitting there, watching in the boat, and Mason was freaking out, screaming. I could just see it in his eyes how badly he wanted to be out there. Like a kid in a candy shop.

He actually hurt his hand on the first one, but shook it off, caught a
few more, and the sickest one was where we really linked up and he threw
me a peace-sign in the barrel, on a really throaty one. By the end of
the session he was like, “I have no idea how I’ve never been here my
whole life — this is my new favorite wave!” -Corey Wilson

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