Off Script: Episode 2 – Can we have our Academy Award now?

Can we have our Academy Award now?

There are seven days total in a week – it’s a construct of time that’s been going on for quite a while now. But amongst those seven days, there’s really only one that has the ability to make a grown man into a giddy little girl – and that day is Friday. So what better way to celebrate the happiness that comes with the passing of another work week than to make fun of surfing. Introduce yourself to our second installment of Off Script, a less serious look into to the latest happenings of surf. In this episode we embark on the tropical journey that is Hawaii, dive into some XXL talk, touch on the elusive El Nino, and pray for the demise of Surf Set – oh, and Laird! Just get in here and catch some cowabunga, will ya?