How Parker Coffin Played El Niño

parker-seth de roulet2012Parker Coffin. Photo: Seth de Roulet

What was the difference between scoring and getting skunked this El Niño? Decisions. Here, Parker Coffin tells us about a few calls he’s glad he committed to.

Staying in California. This year more so than others, I definitely made a conscious decision to stay in California as much as I could. Hawaii's good every winter, but a California El Niño doesn't come very often, so I stayed home as much as I could and took advantage.

Finding Peaks. I veered away from the pointbreaks and drove to weird waves between my house and Oxnard to find my own peak. So, as opposed to years past, I made decisions to surf away from the crowds. There were a lot of people not from the area coming to the points and overrunning them. I definitely did more adventuring to spots right in my own hometown that I normally couldn't surf because there's usually not enough swell for them. Pretty much secret spots and certain beachbreaks in the area.

Gorging. My brother and I were home together for a solid month at one point and surfed more than I can ever remember. It was January and we were full-on kids in the candy shop, surfing three times a day and taking full advantage of all the swell that hit us. We were so burnt out afterward, that's for sure.

parker-seth de roulet2013Photo: Seth de Roulet

Any regrets?

Maybe I got a little too carried away with the going mysto thing. Like, I got less work done as far as getting filmed, shot or documented. Oh, and I was dating a girl in Southern California and I drove down to hang out with her during one swell and missed FIRING waves at home. I was soooo pissed off at myself because one of my favorite waves broke that depends on a certain tide and swell direction and I was just gutted that I didn't get to surf it. That was my only regret of the winter.