Leo Fioravanti On Winning The SURFING Peer Poll

To bloom – by definition it describes a state or time of high development or achievement, but by our standards, it’s not just marked by tangible gains. To come into bloom for the teenage surfer means that they posses an electric energy – one that’s so positively vibrant there’s not a doubt in the world that could veer them away from success. It’s just as unspoken as it is defined.

We’ve always known Leo Fioravanti was bound for big things, but this year’s been a sweet cherry of justification atop of all the leading hype. Not only is the multi-lingual stallion holding steady at first on the QS, he’s also just won himself the title of best overall teenage surfer via the votes of his respected peers in SURFING’s latest Teen Age issue.

Watch Leo’s thoughts on his stunning year in this Part 1 segment of what will be a delectable two-part series. Part 2 is coming tomorrow, and you better believe it deserves the entirety of your attention (as well as your screen).