Questions And Answers, With Caroline Marks

_HAM0773Photo: Scotty Hammonds

Full name: Caroline Marks
Age: 13
Hometown: Melbourne Beach, FL, but living in San Clemente, CA
Sponsors: Roxy, Red Bull,, Chemisty Surfboards, Ron Jon, FCS, Tonic
Homebreak: Sebastian Inlet, Florida
Favorite Surfers: Carissa Moore and Gabriel Medina

What inspires you the most? Kelly Slater
What is your greatest fear? Drowning
What song do you want to hear before you paddle out? "Sorry" by Justin Bieber
Best surf video segment of all time? Kelly Slater in Black & White
Worst enemy? Myself
What's something you do every single day, without exception? Pray
Your proudest moment in life? Winning the US Open Junior title

LawrenceN-1508-7037Photo: Nate Lawrence

Favorite world champions? Occy and Carissa
Outside of surfing, what do you love? Fishing
Most underrated surfer? Eric Geiselman
If you were to start a business, what would you sell? I would be a dog breeder; I love dogs
Worst tattoo you've ever seen? Leg tattoos on girls
Best text message ever received? Ross Williams texted me a super encouraging message about being injured and how to deal with it after I broke my ankle in two places
Favorite actor? Adam Sandler
Best book you've ever read? The Bible
Describe yourself in fewer than five words: A chocolate lover

LawrenceN-1508-5025Photo: Nate Lawrence

What is the meaning of life? Take nothing for granted
What annoys you about surfing? Wet, sandy and stinky booties (the ones on your feet)
Best gift you've ever given someone? I like trying to give boards away when I can to inspire other girls to surf
Does Instagram matter? Yes! Of course
Dumbest purchase? We bought a hog one time and it grew into this huge monster and tried to eat one of my little brothers
Would you rather eat a donut or a kale smoothie for breakfast? Donut
What's your favorite emoticon? American Flag
Secret to catching a lot of waves? Being a girl and paddling hard
Who's the most beautiful male surfer? Julian Wilson
Favorite Taylor Swift song? "Shake It off"
Best city in the world? New York City
Kanye West — yes or no? No