The process of discovery is pretty simple in 2016.

We carry the world around in our pockets and most questions have answers that are only a few pixels away — including questions we don’t even realize we’re asking.

For example, today I wasn’t asking who my favorite surfer was. I already knew it was Michael Dunphy because he is the Texas Rattlesnake and each one of his turns boasts the venom of a thousand snakes! But while I was on Instagram, not asking that question, I found this post and an unlikely answer.

Sabre Norris!

She is my new favorite surfer. First off, because her name. Secondly, because she does shuv-its. Tied for third: because she’s 11-years-old and because she wears a helmet. Ninthly (skating doesn’t do too much for me), because she can land 540s on a skateboard. See:

Wow…I think?

So now, because of 2016 and the modern process of discovery, Sabre Norris is my favorite surfer. I’m sorry Dunphy. Maybe you should wear a helmet and do some shuv-its and we can work this out.

PS – Who’s this man she’s referring to in that Instagram caption? Heard it was Tom Brady.