All photos by Corey Wilson

This was our yearly vacation trip that we do after the season ends. We knew we wanted to go snowboarding, and so while the contest was on in Hawaii, me Mick and Wilko decided we’d go to Japan. I’d never been, I didn’t even know there was snow there, but I just hopped on the trip and it turned out to be one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. It was new, refreshing, relaxing and just all-around good fun.

We snowboarded probably five of the nine days we were there. Mick was for sure the best snowboarder out of all of us. There was one day where we went out into the backcountry and he did this one power hack in powder that looked exactly like how he surfs – it was crazy.

The nightlife in Hakuba was insane too. A lot of the bars and restaurants are actually owned by Australians there, so once they saw that we were in town, they were hitting us up on Instagram saying that they would take care of us – it was awesome. We made a lot of good friends. But the highlight of the trip was just how much we laughed. Everyone was in the best mood and having so much fun.

I think it’s so good for guys like Mick and Wilko to go on trips like this outside of the tour to just relax with no set plan or itinerary. One day, for example, we decided to drive out and see these monkeys in the snow. We hiked way up into the mountains to some hot springs and there were hundreds of monkeys running around. We hung out with them for a good two hours. I love monkeys so much. -Corey Wilson