2015 Vans US Open Party Guide

IMG_6707This is what a party looks like. Or ecstasy. Photo: Jimmicane

The Vans US Open is kind of like the North Shore in December. Except minus Pipeline. And Rocky Point. And Sunset, Foodland, the Volcom house(s), Ted’s Bakery, Kala Alexander, fear, soft sand, sea turtles, (most) Turtle references and Turtle Bay. On second thought, maybe they don’t have much in common. But one thing they share is the fact that they merge the entire surf world as one lightly perspiring, three-or-four-or-fine-I’ve-had-seven-beers-deep family. And isn’t that cute? Isn’t it?

If you’re a #globalcitizen of this surf world or live in the greater Huntington Beach region, I’ve prepared a party guide for you. And if you have no interest in attending the Open, you’re still welcome to listen to me ramble incoherently for the next few minutes. I’ve heard it’s similar to watching two trains collide. —Brendan Buckley

-Follow The Light
Shorebreak Hotel. 8 PM.

Want to see one of five up and coming photographers win $5000 and give a heartfelt speech? Come on down.

-Noa Deane’s Tuff Premiere
Don the Beachcomber. 8 PM.

Movie should be cool, plus you get the chance to get blackout drunk, approach Noa Deane and say, “Man, I just love how you do your own shit. I love how do own shit man. You love how I do your own shit.”

SURFING’s Ryan Callinan: Performance Guy Premiere
The Pope’s Living Room (otherwise known as G’s Boathouse). 9 PM.

We’ve been working on this project for months and it’s probably my favorite thing we’ve ever done. Sean Benik’s putting the final touches on it now. I just walked over to harass him about how some kid from my high school still tries to be a rapper and he didn’t even give me the time of day. Kinda bummed.

GLOBE presents +/+ by Dion Agius
Costa Mesa. 7 PM.

I think this one is invite-only as well, but maybe Noa will help you get in? You guys seem like good friends?

Dane Reynolds and Vans pizza party
Shorebreak hotel. 6 PM or so.

Private party but I can put a few slices in my pockets if you want to meet me at the…

Pope’s Living Room. 8 PM.

We’re streaming a new edit of Dane, Dillon Perillo and Yadin Nicol in Morocco. And it’ll be available on our site immediately there after. But you won’t see it because we’ll be at the

Other SURFING Party
Sutra. 11 PM.

I’d go to Syria over this place any other night of the year. But on this one very special night, SURFING Senior Photographer Corey Wilson does DJs and girls wear tight dresses and profusely sweating on the dance floor is encouraged.

SURFING Factory Party
Pope’s Living Room. 7 PM.

We’re premiering a short film from our Factory trip to Bali. And releasing the cover to the Factory Issue of SURFING Magazine. And drinking rum cokes.