A Personal Note to Dan Malloy


Words and photos by Nathan Myers

Editor's Note: Dan Malloy doesn't much hanker technology. In trying to get in touch with him, a friend told me: "His landline is out of service, so you have to try him on his girlfriend's phone." I said, "Landline? What's that?"

Not that Dan even knows what "browsing the web" is, but if you’re reading this, and if you see him…could you maybe just relay this message for me? Tell Dan I'm trying to get in touch with him regarding the premiere of Taylor's Steele's Castles in the Sky film — Dan's pretty much the star of the film. And his techno-phobic idiosynchracies are part of the reason why. Also he likes his surf cold, big and lonely — that's the other reason why.

Hey Dan,

Your GF’s voicemail-box is full. It doesn’t take messages. I'm lighting a fire for smoke signals, but it's windy. Not sure you're getting them. Maybe this will work instead.

I've been trying to touch base on a couple things before the Castles in the Sky premiere next week in New York.

If we were actually talking I’d say, "Nice work on your voice-overs. Those came out rad." Can't wait for you to see the movie.

I’d say: “Are you coming to New York for the world premiere? What? Why not, you really should. Dude, just come. Coooome on, dude. Just come.”

That sort of begging and whining would go on until you relented — the premiere kinda needs you there, so this is part of my job. If anyone embodies the spirit of that film, it's you. Sorry — I know you hate it when I say things like that. Even when you're not listening.

At that point in the conversation that I wish we were having, I’d get down to the actual important business. "We need your help with something," I’d say.

"We’re making these journals from all the Castles trips to go with the box set.

The box set is insane. There's a CD of surfer-made music from Timmy Curran, Rob Machado and Dylan Raasch…even you have a song in there. There's a bunch of behind the scenes episodes, and also a bunch of cool extras, like Rob's alaia waves, the Sahara trip, and some other weird outtakes that didn't make the final cut.

But the journals are sick. Really hand-made and special.

Rob Machado made one from Peru.

Dion Agius made one from Vietnam.

Rasta and Taylor collaborated on the India one.

They're all really rad insights into the trip.

Iceland was pretty special because everyone really contributed a lot to the group journals we had on that trip, but we wanted to add some more of your words…kinda like a narrator, to stitch the piece together.

Think you could give us some recollections from the trip? Write anything you want, but here are a few cues to get you started:

How cold was that freakin' water?

Did you see a single tree in that whole country?

Remember the day we almost died for 8 hours straight driving over that glacier?

What was it like petting wild horses?

How was that slab you discovered?

Stuff like that.

I'm sure you think you're busy, staring at the ocean and building fires and romping around on the beaches…just like all the people reading this note in their office cubicles think they're busy. By this reasoning, no one is busy. So, you can help us, right?”

If we were on the phone, I’d beg.

Once you gave in, I’d say, “So, you’re coming to you NY right? Right? Right?”

I'd beg some more, telling you about all the hip people that will be coming to the New York premiere. I'd say, "I think Brad Pitt is coming. Definitely Martin Scorsese, he's always slumming around New York. And lots of models. So many models we might not even get in."

Which would be fine, if it were true.

Tickets to two theaters sold out in five minutes. They opened a third showing and that sold out right away too.

I’d say, "You hang up first. No, you do. Did you hang up? Ha ha, me neither. Come on, you first. Dan…? Are you there? Are you there?"

I'd say, "Huh. He hung up…" to no one in particular.

[Oh, by the way, Dan. Here are a few of my favorite photos of you from Iceland…just to help you remember the trip.]

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