Baby Take It Off!: Dustin Barca, GMO Combatant

Baby Take It Off!

Dustin Barca, the surfer Dustin Barca, the fighter Dustin Barca, has decided to slap the GMO industry. Genetic modification is a heated issue throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Seed companies use the ideal temperature and climate and soil to grow many sorts of man-made fruits and veggies, which are exported back to mainland farmers.

Dustin does not like this. He thinks these man-made fruits and veggies, fruits and veggies that have had their DNA modified to withstand certain chemicals, produce a higher yield, etc., are a poison to the land and a poison to the people. He believes they do much more harm than good. I was doing a story for Playboy about Eddie Rothman and his involvement in the fight (On newsstands now), and I met with Dustin as he led protest marches to raise awareness. Not only was Dustin well-versed as to the issues, he was extremely well-spoken. His eyes flared with passion as he explained to me how he got involved, how he learned the various sides of the argument and what he is doing about it now. He told me, "I don't want to save the world. I just want to save my island…" before picking up a bullhorn and leading thousands of passionate and diverse supporters on their march. Dustin Barca, the surfer, the fighter, has become a public figure. He should be President, or at least Secretary of Defense.—Chas Smith