Blogging Bill: Part 1

The amazing Paul Fisher



Part 1: Getting There

After convincing my Surfer employed roommate Janna Irons to take me to San Diego Airport, effectively making her late for work, I posted up in the terminal downloading multiple windows in Firefox to give myself a nice amount of reading to breeze trough on the flight.

Next thing I know I’m startled by a “Jimmy! You mad cunt!” Looking up to see none other than Paul Fisher staring right at me from the seat across. He tells me about how Nutty Walker left him back in California while him, Nick Rosza and Mick Fanning have all been scoring great waves back in Oz filming for Reef’s new video. He’d been freaking out with nothing to do when Fish finally rung Nutty and told him “Nut, get me out of this fuckin place! I don’t care where!”

What better place for a eligible Australian bachelor than the place “for lovers”: Virginia, where he’ll be meeting up with a Reef sales rep to take him around and find waves. Doesn’t hurt that Hurricane Bill is out there about to sling shot swell right at the whole coast.

I tell Fish he’s gonna have a blast. Especially while staying at the Schooner hotel during ECSC. Paul Fisher + ECSC = an epic Fish Tales episode. Be ready for that one folks.

Eric Taylor is picking me up from the airport tonight at midnight in Jacksonville and we’ll see if Bill sent swell starts kicking in for Friday.

The hype is about to switch gears. It’s a full on rat race starting Friday morning. Let’s do this.


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