Chippa Wilson Wants To Save The Dolphins

Watch and share >> footage taken of the 4 dolphins being kept in a chlorinated Bali resort pool. Over 180,000 people have signed Craig's petition demanding they're released:

Posted by on Monday, July 13, 2015

When you think of marine animal advocacy, Chippa Wilson probably isn’t the first name that comes to mind. Or the second. Or the third. Probably, Chippa’s name is somewhere near the bottom of your Marine Animal Advocates list, right between Barry Sanders and Andrew Doheny. But your Marine Animal Advocates list is wrong. Chippa Wilson should be up top, right between Dave Rastovich and that chick who made Blackfish — she for sure cares about dolphins too.

Chippa joined us at the SURFING Factory in Bali. We rented a house on the beach about a five minute walk away from Keramas, but it was a tough five minute walk. Not because the sand was volcanic and black and severely hot. It was tough because we had to walk past a small swimming pool containing four dolphins. Four dolphins! In a pool like the one in your wealthy neighbor’s backyard! Disgusting.

Anyway, Chippa earned his place on the top of your MAA list with the Instagram post you see above. Ol’ Chip is attacking the Wake Bali Dolphins and their shitty pool. He signed a petition to end to put an end to that shit, and you should do the same by clicking this link.

And by the way, when he wasn’t saving dolphins, this is what he was doing…