Five 2015 Vans US Open Predictions

2014_08_03_Filipe_Toledo_HuntingtonBeach_JustesJUS_0735-1000x667Filipe Toledo, last year’s champ. Photo: Antoine Justes

It’s here. In all of its glory. And in all of its white sunglasses, in all of its day-glow body paint, in all of its hey let’s riot, oh shit we don’t really even know how teenage angst, in all of its blurry visions of late night hamburgers on Main Street, Huntington Beach and in all of its air reverses. Yeah, the 2015 Vans US Open of Surfing is here. And it’s not going away anytime soon.

The event is a mission, not a marathon. It started on Saturday and doesn’t finish until next Sunday. The men’s winner will have to surf seven heats in order to win (more if they came from the trials) and resist a week’s worth of tattooed temptation out in the streets. Suffice to say, a lot could happen. And a lot will happen. Like these five things.

Sharks are so hot right now. Sooo hot. It’s been all that anybody has talked about ever since Mick Fanning got hit on by a White shark at J-Bay. I’m calling someone spots a 6-footer cruising around the pier and trust me, you’ll hear all about it.

Surfing that you should actually pay attention to.
We touched on the Open’s social reputation in the first paragraph, but people often forget about how pleasant the surfing is every year. Yeah, Huntington ain’t Lowers and sure, Lowers ain’t Pipe but the Open always produces a few good airs. Speaking of which…

Filipe Toledo will win. Again.
If he loses, all it means is that he had a bad heat. Fil is simply untouchable at a wave like HB. See here, here and here for examples.

Some dickhead kid will write a Bill Cosby joke on his chest in neon paint.
No getting around this one.

Fun. Actual fun.
Last year, I learned the secret to the US Open — you have to embrace it. All of it. Every mushy wave, every $5 Pacifico, every cloud of vaporized tobacco, all of God’s and/or Satan’s creature at 3AM, every iced latte (even the almond milk ones). Expect it all, then embrace it all. Get out there and have fun, champion.