Five Lessons We Learned Last Week

New Jersey or New Mozambique?New Jersey. Photo: DJ Struntz

Surfing will fix all of your problems.
Your girlfriend break up with you? Go surfing. Just got fired? Go surfing. Drop half of your meatball parm on the ground just as you were finding some good rhythm with the sandwich? Go surfing. Lose your arm in an isolated incident involving two strippers, a live alligator, a case of Four Loko and a pack of magnum condoms? Wait for the bleeding to stop, then grab your board. The point is that no matter how bad your day is, surfing will always make you feel better. This point is better explained in a personal essay about 9/11 and surfing here.

No wait, this is. Photo: JimmicanePhoto: Jimmicane

Freddy P. retired like a champion.
Some people retire with an uncomfortable office party featuring a bad cake from Costco and an even worse speech from someone in the HR department. Freddy retied a perfect 10, a heat win and a hug from the 2014 World Champ, Gabriel Medina. Seriously, he got a 10 in Round 1 at the Hurley Pro and then came to the beach and said that he’s not going to surf any more heats this year. Cue the mic drop. Read the full story here.

Spinning At The Speed Of Now

Filipe Toledo could have the best week ever.
Speaking of Lowers, Filipe Toledo has been surfing in an almost unbeatable fashion. Don’t be surprised if he wins the whole thing. And definitely don’t be surprised when our feature film on him, Spinning At The Speed Of Now, delights you down to your very marrow. Watch the trailer here. Then come watch it premier in San Clemente on Wednesday and buy it on Vimeo next month.

IMG_0281Photo: Noah Alani

4. Kelly Slater’s air was a 4.
In Round 5 of the Hurley Pro, Kelly stuck one of the most interesting maneuvers we’ve ever seen -- but we’re saying that it was interesting in a bad way. Like, in a way that has no place in progressive surfing. Read our full argument here.

A shark and his perfectly tailored grey suit.

There are sharks in the ocean.
And bears in the woods, and tigers in the jungle. SURFING Editor At Large recently took a helicopter ride over the Northern California coast. He saw sharks -- lots of them. Check out the photos from his experience and read a unique perspective on the perceived danger of the Great White shark here.