Five Lessons We Learned Last Week

Unknown_winter2014-15_BrentBielmann812_1Photo: Brent Bielmann
1. Swimming is fantastic.
And swimming with a camera is even better. And swimming with a video camera on top of your camera is the best. SURFING Senior Photographer Brent Bielmann has been doing just that at the world’s finest waves for years. In the process, he filled a hard drive up with stellar clips and handed them over to us to edit. The result? Life In A Bottle. And a three minute investment of your time.

Julian Wilson Rampant In Indo

2. Julian Wilson might win the World Title.
Like, this year. With Lowers all set to start next week, we decided it was time to start talking about the 2015 World Title race. Anybody with forty-five brain cells and dream can tell you that Julian Wilson is good enough at surfing to be the champion of the world. But you know what’s even more fun than talking to someone with forty-five brain cells and the capacity to experience illusions of reality while asleep? This edit. And trust us, it’s rather adamant in expressing the belief that Julian could win the title.

mavs-rouletPhoto: Seth de Roulet

3. Surfing big waves ups your heart rate.
A recent study revealed that a quick session at gigantic Maverick’s makes your heart beat faster than it does when you’re sitting on the couch watching the Food Network (Unless Rachel Ray is on 😉 ). But before you go ahead and page Captain Obvious, consider the fact that the experiment showed the heart rates of the subject stayed elevated the entire time — not just when a set came in. More on that here.

Don't try this at home. Maybe try it at a luxury beachfront villa in Bali, but only after a few beers? Watch a clip of Eric Geiselman's leap of faith on @theroadsoda. Photo: Corey WilsonPhoto: Corey Wilson

4. Eric Geiselman is an American treasure.
Enough said. Actually not enough said, click and read a mini-profile on him.

Tamayo Perry finds himself a slice of shade. Photo: Brent BielmannPhoto: Brent Bielmann

5. Pipeline doesn’t know that it’s summer.
You know that guy who shows up to a summer barbecue wearing pants, a snowboarding jacket, a beanie, his thickest pair of socks and some boots? No, you don’t know that guy because that guy doesn’t fucking exist — people always dress to suit the seasons. It’s still summer in the Northern Hemisphere (albeit close to the end) and Pipeline is supposed to be wearing a thick sandbar and a (literal) sea of flatness, it donned some winter clothes for a few days. We’ve got photographic proof here.