Five Lessons We Learned This Week

9J4A3670Extreme. Photo: @nickpumphreyphoto

1. Stadium surfing is here(!!!).
Are you ready for the future? No? Then are you ready to drink cheap wine out of coffee mugs and make fun of it? Us too! Red Bull announced the first ever stadium surfing (!!!) event to be held at the Surf Snowdonia wave pool in good ol’ Wales. We filled our mugs to the brim and made fun of it here.

Surfing Magazine Trip to Salina Cruz with Noa Deane, Sterling Spencer, and Dillon PerilloNoa Deane. Photo: DJ Struntz

2. You could do better.
And you should do better. And you will do better, thank to these 10 tips to improve your surfing that Chris Gallagher Stone rattled off for you here. Hint: it’s all in the hips is not one of them.

Photo: Jon Pyzel

3. John John’s boards are probably magic.
Behind every great stalefish is a great pair of hands, a keen set of eyes and mind that makes an ugly looking chunk of foam turning into the best board you’ve ever rode. For John John Florence, those hands, eyes and mind belong to Jon Pyzel. Jon’s been shaping John’s boards since he was a child and he told us all about John’s Teahupo’o boards here — though, uhh, we don’t really expect to be seeing a stalefish there.

The type of attack we expect from Mick Fanning.Photo: Jimmicane

4. Mick ditched the yellow.
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. And goodbye yellow paint job on the bottom of Mick Fanning’s surfboards. The 3x-and-counting World Champ had been running with a quiver of boards that were highlighted by a paint job that looked like important text hidden in a maze of other words. We welcome the change and we hope sharks do too — the reasoning behind Mick’s change of art was to deter any sharks from encountering him in the future. People say sharks have a thing for yellow…


5. Nate Tyler lets his surfing do the talking.
And it yells. Nate and friends just dropped a short film called MUTE, which you can watch here. It’s may or may not be the best twenty minutes you’ll spend this weekend.