Five Lessons We Learned This Week

AA5Q1168Surfing’s current mood. Photo: Brent Bielmann

1. People are drawn to all things asinine.
Should’ve learned that when Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie sustained a healthy viewership on a television show. Or maybe you did? Or maybe Robbie Maddison did? Earlier this week, the Australian stuntman released a video of himself riding a dirt bike on a wave in Tahiti. The clip was met with quite the reaction from opinion-slinging keyboardists all over the world. It’s the death of soul surfing, they cried. His foolishness destroyed the environment! How incredibly stupid!

As I write this, the video has about 15 Million views on YouTube sooooooooooo…

See that deranged person holding a yellow housing? Yeah, that's Brent Bielmann. Photo: Ben ThouardAny therapists out there have a couch Brent Bielmann can sleep on? Photo: Ben Thouard

2. Brent Bielmann should consult a behavior health professional.
While Robbie was reinventing the JetSki, SURFING Senior Photographer Brent Bielmann was shooting the biggest swell of the year at Teahupo’o with a fisheye lens. Those who understand the basics of surf photography will appreciate how abnormal that is. And for those who don’t, Brent explains his experience here. For our money, it’s a more impressive feat than Robbie’s — though we’re still waiting on those extra 14,950,000 clicks. Maybe they’re pending?

Calinan no text
3. Ryan Callinan is going to make the WCT this year.
And that should excite you. Callinan earned the best result of his 2015 ‘QS campaign last week with a Quarterfinal finish at the Vans US Open. He’ll still need another result or two to officially book his stay on tour, but something tells us that won’t be too difficult for him. That something is this short film we did on him.

Jordy Smith Just Did The Biggest Alley-Oop Ever

4. Jordy Smith is offensively good at surfing.
While competitive success somehow continues to elude him, Jordy is undeniably one of the best surfers of our time. Yesterday, he dropped an Instagram clip that set the world on fire. Except there was no smoke, or flames, or combustion, or even a concentrated area of incredibly high heat — just guys like @johnnysurf and @cutback_king97 tagging each other on Instagram. The clip featured a barrel to mammoth alley-oop combo at North Point. You could and should watch it here.

An Ode To The UnsettledCraig Anderson. Photo: Rod Owen

5. You should probably stop rooting.
Unless you’re Australian — in which case, carry on (nice rhythm, btw). But if you’re not from Australia and/or your meaning of the word “root” is “to establish a stable life” and not “to have sex” then you should stop rooting immediately. Our Editor At Large Beau Flemister went into great detail on why you should unsettle down, which we built into a pretty little feature.