Five Photos by Jimmy Wilson

SURFING's photo team is ichiban number one on planet earth, but thousands of their images go unseen. This travesty shall not stand. We give you SURFING's Five Photos series.

Last year I went on SURFING’s Swimsuit Issue shoot to Puerto Rico. I would claim it as one of the 10 best trips of my life. I got to hang out with smokin' hot models, drink beer, and also visit with some of my Puerto Rican friends. I can't really call this work. It was basically an epic vacation. Here's to getting paid in lifestyle! --Jimmicane

This is Tayler. I'm pretty sure I fell in love with her on this trip but my only way to her heart is through comedian Katt Williams, who has apparently lost his mind. Dammit Katt, get it together already!

EmilySince this shoot, Emily has gone on to become a pretty successful model. That's to no surprise to anyone. She is ridiculously beautiful. Watch this video if you want to see more: . The good things in this video are worth the bad ones.

Girls and cemetario
I just thought this angle was cool with the cementerio the background.

AllieProbably one of my personal favorite photos I've ever shot. You might be wondering why because it's pretty simple. I'll tell you. 1- It's Allie. 2- Teal background (Yep, Jaguars).

If this is the hottest girl I ever make out with, I won't be bummed. Feel free to hate on that one you angry internet people.