Five Photos by Tom Carey, Vol. 2

SURFING's photo team is ichiban number one on planet earth, but thousands of their images go unseen. This travesty shall not stand. We give you SURFING's Five Photos series.

Russ. PHOTO: CareyRuss Hennings // Indonesia

This is Oakley’s master of the lens and of flying squirrels. This was in Bali during the Oakley Pro Junior Championship. Russ is classic.

Asher Pacey. PHOTO: CareyAsher Pacey // Indonesia

Asher Pacey at HT’s. Another crazy good Aussie who’s totally under the radar in the states. Asher fricken rips. I like this photo, too. It was one of my favorites of that trip in ’08.

Mitch Coleborn. PHOTO: CareyMitch Coleborn // Indonesia

This is Mitch Coleborn at Maccas in 2008. Pre-moustache era.

Ozzie and Barney. PHOTO: CareyOzzie Wright and Barney // New York

Here’s an old school photo of Ozzie and Barney — two of my favorite people. This was shot in New York about eight years ago maybe. Barney had walked into a barbershop near the Unsound Surf Shop and came out with this mental mohawk. Never a dull moment with him.

Andy Irons // PHOTO: Carey.Andy Irons // Indonesia

This is Andy Irons in the Telos around five years ago or so. He was ripping so hard during this trip. His style is so damn good, too. I love looking at these older photos.

— Photos and words by Tom Carey