Five Things We Learned This Week

_CWA2310Photo: Corey Wilson
1. Wavepools probably won’t work.
It’s safe to assume that somebody somewhere will eventually build a wavepool that works — works as in, creates a wall of water that actually rivals a real wave. It hasn’t happened yet, but that’s not what we’re salty (get it?) about. Instead we’re saying that if and when that legitimate wavepool is born, we’re going to hate it. And so are you. The element of unpredictability is a valuable thing and here’s a short essay on why you won’t like surfing (and surf competitions) without it.

2….Lost movies change lives.
In a good way. Or maybe in a bad way at first, but then in a good way. Here’s a link to …Lost’s good ol’ The Decline Of Surfing Civilization and a four minute read on how it sculpted the societal boundaries of one man’s youth. See: lighting hair on fire, tackling trash cans, getting naked for no reason and, uhh, spending a Saturday morning taking a stained glass art class…confused? Probably. Just see for yourself.

Jeremy started early in the final and he never looked back — helmets kind of restricts your visual spectrum.Photo: Corey Wilson

3.Jeremy Flores might be a role model.
Last year, Jeremy Flores sat on the sidelines during the Billabong Pro Tahiti due to a temper tantrum at the 2014 J-Bay Open. This year, though, he stood on the podium holding a gigantic trophy due to some world class surfing. In our final day recap of the event, we examine how winning Tahiti (while wearing a helmet and a never-say-no attitude, both related to a concussion) re-shaped Jeremy’s reputation in the best possible way.

Evan Geiselman is new to Reef, but he's used to surfing over it. This section of Uluwatu breaks in a few inches of water. The wave after this, Evan found out the painful way. Photo: Corey WilsonPhoto: Corey Wilson

4. Don’t dawn patrol the Bukit in Bali.
Or wear reef booties at high tide. Or ride a motorbike with no experience. Do, however, climb Mt. Agung. Marlon Gerber was kind enough to give us a comprehensive list of dos and don’ts in Bali. And we were kind enough to share that list with you. DO engage with it here.

5. The SURFING Factory was phenomenal.
Sometimes, it takes looking back on an experience to truly appreciate how special it was. Think: college. Even though we enjoyed every minute of our SURFING Factory trip to Bali, a retrospective look at it made the experience taste somehow sweeter. Earlier this week, we compiled all the best footage from Chippa Wilson, Eric Geiselman, Evan Geiselman, Matt Wilkinson, Yadin Nicol, Yago Dora and Conner Coffin into one super-edit which you could and should watch here. It’ll make you want to surf. Or go to Bali. Or both.