The man upon whom piranhas feed. Dane Reynolds: ever bitten, ever shy. Photo: Jeff Flindt

The man upon whom piranhas feed. Dane Reynolds: ever bitten, ever shy. Photo: Jeff Flindt

From the Editor is your passenger seat for a ride on the world’s greatest job, with SURFING Magazine’s Editor in Chief, Travis Ferré

There's usually some kind of fire to put out when I get to work. But the past week has been pretty damn overwhelming. I lost a hero, watched another win his unfathomable 10th ASP World Title and now this: "Dane Reynolds is Quitting Tour?"

Oh shit. (Or maybe not, depending on your thoughts of the tour.) But anyway…

I made it to the office feeling very much like I'd beaten the game by stuffing a surf in between my coffee and commute. It's the little things, I guess. But when I arrived at the office people looked nervous. "Is Dane Reynolds going to quit the tour?" I had voice mails, text messages, e-mails, a handwritten note (which is my preferred method of contact) and people were stopping by all day. Only after seeing some posts online do I realize Dane's worst nightmare has come true: the sensationalizing of his words.

Stab Magazine posted a few pieces of a future profile on Dane to their website with the line written by Jed Smith: “He tells me why the Pipe Masters will be almost certainly be his last world tour event, why he feels ‘surfing is in a weird place’ and will bare more of his soul than anyone in his position has ever done before.”

Panic at the keyboard!

But before you go tweet it or something, read this: earlier the same morning I e-mailed with Dane about a page we're doing on his film Thrills, Spills and What Not next month for our upcoming Films Issue. The subject of that article causing all the commotion online was brought up. "I'd prefer if you didn't run it," he told me, as we did have the opportunity. "I don't have a good feeling about that one." And all I can really tell you at this point is that we're not going to run the piece.

So for now, I'm only here to calm you down (remember I surfed today, I hope you did too). I'm not going to say whether it's true or not that Dane's leaving the Tour (because I don't know, and I don't know if Dane does either), but this is exactly the kind of thing he tries to avoid. What I do know though is that he's interested in working on a project with us very soon. So that’s something to look forward to. —Travis Ferré