Courtney Conlogue. Photo: Jimmy WilsonCourtney Conlogue. Photo: Jimmy Wilson

ReadING: I always end up reading three books at a time because I will start reading one and get intrigued by another one and next thing I know I am halfway through a bunch of books. I am also into the glamour mags – they are full of good tips on facial masking and exfoliating. It is also fun to check out the new fashion trends and what I should be wearing. I have also come to love Tracks Mag which is printed in Australia. They always have awesome articles and photos from surfers’ travels.

BrowsING: Would Instagram count? When I'm home, that is by far the most entertaining. Checking out everyone's little artistic eye and having a bit of fun on my own to entertain myself. YouTube is so much fun as well. Watching funny videos and catching up on the latest America’s Got Talent if I missed out on it the week before. The funny thing about the internet is you are only meaning to check your email or Surfline to see what the waves are doing, but the next thing you know you are on Facebook, YouTube or watching the heats on demand from the previous WT Event and 2 hours have slipped by.

ConsumING: Well, I just bought three fun pairs of Havaianas in Brazil. I always find I can't have enough shoes, jackets or scarves. I end up buying those things all around the world and come home with some very unique items.

EatING and DrinkING: Poke! Poke! Poke! I love Poke! If I could eat that everyday I would. I tend to always enjoy a good steak cooked medium rare with garlic-mashed potatoes and grilled veggies. Coffee too! I love flat whites in Australia and European coffee rocks too. I'm still trying to find the closest thing to a flat white at home.

PartyING: I love just hanging out with my friends. Whether it’s dancing, cruising at a beach bonfire, or just grabbing a bite to eat, it’s always a good time.

WatchING: Humor! Funny shows like the Big Bang Theory, The Middle, New Girl, Parks and Recreation. Plus, I can't forget SNL. Sometimes I end up watching other shows like Person of Interest and Unforgettable. They always lure me in with all of those previews. Surf movies are also nice to watch in the background while I do a workout or to psyche up for a surf.