Kilian Garland. Photo: DJ StruntzKilian Garland. Photo: DJ Struntz

WatchING: Splinters was a great documentary that I saw at the Santa Barbara Film Festival this year on the evolution of competive surfing and surf culture in Papa New Guinea. I’ve been hitting up and refreshed myself on Beach Party — trying to study Frankie Avalon’s dance moves. It’s a surf classic and must see. Martin Scoresse’s Boardwalk Empire and all the HBO and Showtime series. The Bones Brigade: An Autobiography by Stacy Peralta, another Santa Barbara Film Festival favorite. It was very impressive to see the sport evolve with these five talented skaters and their staple tricks that changed the industry which are still relevant in today’s level of skating, surfing, and snowboarding. Great follow up to Lords of Dogtown.

ReadING: I recently finished The Secret, which was pretty rad. I like to check out Juxtapoz for artistic inspiration and BL!SSS mag on industry happenings. Also, just read Hawaiian Surf Riders by Tom Blake. It was published in 1935 and a gift for my 25th birthday from my dad, Jim.

BrowsING: is a new favorite. I am hyped on the newly posted video of Japan and the mental surfing! Looking forward to seeing more from that site and Kai. Another surf blog I like to check is out is by Andrew Schoener. It has lots of great clips and film photos of the boys. Of course, one more would have to be How could you not want to watch Dane ripping all day? I guess I surf the web too often.

PlayING: I had this weird didrido that I was taking around with me everywhere that was shaped like a giraffe leg. I can make a few animal noises, but no circular breathing.The thing got kinda gross after a while so I got over it. The Verns left it at the beach. It needed to find a new one. Other than that, Ping Pong on my iPhone and hitting the Santa Barbara skatepark and Banzai skatepark on the North Shore.

ConsumING: Most of my money goes to gas to get to the beach. If I have a couple extra dollars, I will spend it on art supplies — specifically Posca pens to tag on my fresh sleds. I also like to invest in good camping gear for all the spring and summer trips in Cali.

EatING and DrinkING: I am really trying to cook at the house more with the girlfriend, but we really enjoy all the restaurants Santa Barbara has to offer. One of my favorites is Oilio Limone Pizzeria. You have to try the The Carbonara Pizza with marscapone and an egg and the cheese plate. Another hit is La Supa Rica on Milpas, I recommend the Vegetarian tamale and Queso de Casquela. Oyster shooters, garlic baked clams and a bloody mary from the Brophy Brothers are a staple. We also have been on a juice kick — trying to perfect our green juices!

PartyING: I usually hang out at the Funk Zone and check out art shows at Surf Beat Gallery and wine taste. There are always lots of good art shows in Santa Barbara so it keeps me busy! I recently saw a show at The Malibu Inn that was pretty fun. Other than that, I don’t really go out too much but I just had an epic weekend at Coachella! Weekend One!

ListenING: Been to a few Iration shows with my bro Lexo and I was very impressed by the Deadmau5 show at the Santa Barbara Bowl. I also just downloaded Spotify to find some new tunes.