Innersection: Past, Present and Future

Matt Meola Wins InnersectionMatt Meola, the intial product of Innersection

What are the changes that you're planning to make?
We recently took on new creative partner and he's kind of a design/graphic/tech guru who's gonna improve and evolve our initial site. And since we're basically wiping the board clean, there's a lot of discussion about what we'd do different with two years experience behind us. One thing I'm excited about is the fact that we've now got two year's worth of sections under our belt. The bigger picture of Innersection is about creating a body of individual sections which we can return to, mix and match, play with in our tablets or phones, etc… It didn't make sense to do that after just one movie, and two movies is barely just cracking the ice, but maybe after four or five years, you'll be picking from 150 rad sections to create your own ideal 10-section pre-surf amp-up movie.

We're also going to start similar projects for skateboarding, snowboarding and maybe even some specialty rounds, like big waves or even music videos for unsigned bands. These first two years have basically just been about testing the waters, establishing a bit of a foundation and a community. So right now we're dialoguing about where it goes from here. It's exciting. We've got our own niche almost. We still love all the mainstream stuff, but Innersection is kind of it's own little country.

Your best moment so far in working on Innersection?
I definitely won't forget hanging out with Matt Meola at the first award show when Kelly Slater came up to congratulate him on his section. That was awesome. Kelly's section will always be one of my all-time favorites, but we were stoked to have a very deserving unknown kid be our first $100k winner. Both guys really helped legitimize what Innersection is trying to accomplish. That was probably the first moment I exhaled and said, "Wow, it actually worked."

Overall what's been coolest is working with all the different filmmakers. You wouldn't believe how much young, enthusiastic talent is out there. They're all mental patients, of course, but just tapping into all that raw enthusiasm for the art of surf filmmaking gets me stoked for the future. And then it's super cool seeing feature films come out from some of our young starters like Victor Pakpour, Graham Nash, Jimmy Kinnaird and Loic Wirth. Of course, they all would have done fine on they're own because they're all just talented guys, but I like to think we helped play a tiny stepping-stone roll in keeping their dream alive.

And each time I call a surfer to tell 'em he's made the movie, it's special. It reminds me it's not about the $100,000 to these guys at all; it's about having all their hard work and dedication recognized and supported by surfing's international community. That's pretty awesome. It's been a long and windy road just to get this far, and as I often write on the site, we're just getting started.

We're super grateful to everyone who's gotten involved in this project: the filmers, the surfers, the fans. Taylor and I oversee and guide the system, but Innersection is really "the people's" project. And that's what we're keeping in the forefront of our minds as we continue to evolve: how do we keep giving it back?

We're open to suggestions. And we're still alive.