Kelly Slater Goes To Japan, Rides Weird Board

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Photos: U-Ske

The 2015 Billabong Pro Tahiti is almost here. You can almost see Owen Wright putting his head down and going on a wave that would intimidate everyone in the world not named Kelly or Andy or John twice or Hercules, almost already hear Ross Williams make a remark about the tube monster. But you can’t see or hear those things yet. Soon. But not yet.

The WCT and all of its appendages are currently arriving in Tahiti – but arriving from where? Filipe Toledo spent his time between the US Open and Teahupo’o in a place that would appropriately help him transition from waist-high Huntington to hopefully-bombing-but-maybe-not Tahiti: Costa Rica. You can see a few photos from that jaunt here. Others went on trips too. Some just stayed home. Kelly Slater went to Japan and rode a trippy Firewire/Tomo surfboard.

Above, you’ll see a gallery of the champ doing champ things on four fins with a weird nose and a strange tail. Interesting, no? We approve.