By Travis Ferré
Photos By Jimmicane

It's the first thing Kolohe Andino says to Dillon Perillo when he sees him. "Your girlfriend is on my wall." Kolohe Andino just arrived at our apartment in the suburb of Jan Juc, about two miles from Bells Beach. He's here to surf in the world finals of the Rip Curl GromSearch. Dillon Perillo rushes over and headlocks him like an older brother, but quickly lets go. "Your chick is so hot," Kolohe continues. Dillon smirks. His girlfriend was featured in our Whipped column a few months ago and has elicited attention the world over. She's pretty damn hot. And from Malibu.


Earlier Dillon and I surfed a craggy little point down the way from Winkipop. It was crummy wind and small, but fun and playful. Kieren Perrow and his mate were the only other surfers in the lineup. "This place is nice," Dillon said in between waves. "Everyone said it'd be freezing. I think it's warm."

Dillon surfs how I wish I surfed and you do too. He has a unique blend of style and flair, heavy on the style. His carves have a unique twist to them. And he's got the frontside slob on lock. "It's the only way I can do airs now," he says.

It was a long time between sets and we touched on Dillon's career. "Qualifying was a goal forever, but the older I get, the less I want to do it. I really only do contests for my sponsors. I'm in the Expression Session here during the Bells event. Not sure what that means."


Back at the house we sip a Cooper's Pale Ale casually and Dillon thumbs through a Playboy. It's the newest issue and features Candace Boucher, the new face of GUESS. Dillon is more into blondes, though.

"I drove the Great Ocean Road today and it's got nothing on Big Sur. Big Sur has more trees and bigger cliffs. And when you're talking about scenic drives, that's what you're looking for, right?"

We begin talking about life outside of surfing. Dillon has a handle on basketball and seems to be deep into the The Kite Runner at the moment. "The other day I really felt like reading, so I bought like five magazines. I bought TIME Magazine and a few others. TIME took me like five hours to read the whole thing. It's not quick reading. I've really started to realize I'm kind of like a grandpa."

Now that we've surfed, everyone wants to go eat. We pile into a car and drive on the left. Jimmicane is making us listen to ke$ha way too loud. We graze the curb, overcompensating for the strangeness of driving on the left. Kolohe Andino pokes his head out the window and shouts out to Dillon. "Your girlfriend is so hot!"

Dillon smiles and thanks us for not asking him what it's like to surf Malibu with MGMT and Anthony Kiedis during our day with him. He's predicting Dane Reynolds will win Bells.