Matt Biolos Explains Kolohe Andino’s Lowers Quiver

IMG_2749Kolohe’s quiver. Photo: Matt Biolos

Mayhem’s are synonymous with the cobblestone throne at Lower Trestles. Understandably so, as the world-renowned man behind the brand -- Matt Biolos -- shapes with the wave in mind every time his hand touches a planer. Which is why, when the tour rolls into San Clemente every year, Matt is flooded with orders from the worlds best. For the 2015 Hurley Pro (kicks off tomorrow), Matt built boards for Kolohe, Mick, Julian, Taj, Alejo, Wiggoly, Ricardo, Adam and Freddy P. And on the women’s side, Carissa, Malia, Coco and Tyler will be outfitted with Matt's fiberglass.

There is one surfer who's boards always take precedence in the never ending stack of custom orders: Kolohe Andino. And, what Kolohe rides at Lowers tends to reverberate through the rest of the tour. Heading into Trestles he’s ranked a career worst of 31st, so we called Matt Biolos to find out how he plans to shape Kolohe out of his competitive slump at the wave that started it all (for the both of ’em). --Jake Tellkamp

Matt Biolos: "Dino and I are hoping this new quiver will turn things around for Kolohe. He has been focusing on riding longer, narrower, more traditional boards this year, boards that are refined for the CT. He's got those boards on lock, but we just made him a second quiver based around the kind of boards that made him so successful on the ‘QS. These boards are a little shorter, have a wider tail-block, have lower rocker and are ultimately more playful. This new quiver is based off the board that he won the Australian Open on earlier this year. We crossed that board with the board that he decimated Jeremy Flores on at Snapper this year.

“Last year, he had more success on the stretched out designs, but primarily in good waves like in Fiji and Brazil. But after studying his surfing at Lowers on those boards, they seem to nullify his approach. They turn him more into a Parko or a Fanning. With these boards, he'll be able to get that edge back and surf with more amplitude. We’re inching back towards building those boards that made him surf so explosively when he was 15. The most important design feature of Kolohe's boards is the smooth, gradual rocker and outline. The rocker and outline need to marry the flatter slope of Trestles, which is what these boards accomplish. In regards to the sprays on the boards I just finished for him, we’re going with a cool, basil camouflage that the Navy used in World War I but phased out before the second World War."

How fitting for Captain America. And what better venue to show ’em off?